CHIN KUEI Gardening Material is a company that produces cultivation products, ,such as: flower pot,flower wall,nursery benches, soft pot, plug tray, pot holder, fruit bag, shading net, plastic clip etc.... Chin Kuei was established since 1989, and has been engaged in manufacturing garden ware, holicultural facilities and different types or shapes of kits for multi purposes for 18 years. Chin Kuei gets famous in domestic and international markets. Our products are certified by customers, especially in soft pot and 11cm Pot Holder with 12 holes and 15 holes. We emphasized the research of Pot Holder, and orchid Pot Holder is also our main product.
Furthermore, we develop lots of correlative products such as strawberry containers, nets and spray hose. Through technique improving, we reduce cost and raise product quality and production. We also discuss with customers to produce better products that fit for their requirement. We have been deeply committed to the innovation of excellent products which we guarantee. We are honored for the high quality of our products. In the future, we hope to make our products available worldwide. If you are interested in our products, please contact with us by e-mail or fax.
Company Address
  No. 1-2, Neiwan, Neiwan Li, Zhuolan Che, Miaoli Hsien 36945, Taiwan
Mobile phone:886-972950113 JASMINE HUANG